SALMoN operates under the principle that communities and resource managers can make the best decisions about the natural environment within a framework of adaptive learning and public involvement.

SALMoN is a community-based ecological monitoring program initiated by the Sitka Conservation Society and the Sitka Sound Science Center, and with close coordination with the USFS Tongass National Forest (for which both entities have a Memorandum of Understanding). The purpose of SALMoN is to engage community members in credible ecological monitoring and adaptive management that supports both the health of the environment of SE Alaska and the communities living there. This program implements ecological monitoring projects that provide substantive opportunities for community members, especially students, to practice natural resource stewardship, supports management needs, and informs decision-making.

Funding for SALMoN is provided by the Alaska Conservation Foundation and members of the Sitka Conservation Society. Additional funding for specific monitoring projects is provided by the National Forest Foundation.

Questions? Contact the SALMoN Coordinator, Scott Harris at scott.harris@oregonstate.edu