Kruzof Island Legacy Gaps


Buck-wacking to our survey gaps. Mike’s head can be seen in the white circle


Identifying plants in a thinned young-growth stand










Following up on our 2013 work, we visited several gaps over three days, with the Sitka Ranger District, to assess opportunities to maintain or improve canopy gaps on Kruzof Island.

Pages from kruzof_gaps2015Click HERE to download the 2015 report (15Mb)




In July 2013, we conducted a”quick cruise” survey of 22 year-old gaps on Kruzof Island. The purpose of this survey was to better understand the plant response to canopy gaps created in young growth forest stands.

kruzof_legacy_gaps_2013_coverClick HERE to download the 2013 report (14Mb)




clipboard-iconClick HERE to download GIS shapefiles of gap and corridor locations


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