Todd (Peril Strait) gap monitoring

2013-06-24 09-51-03Publication: The results of the Todd gap monitoring project have been published in the USFS-PNW Research Station Paper PNW-RP-609. A download link is below. Please contact the primary author if you are interested in historical and current photos of the gap sites.


Background: In June 2013, SCS and the USFS Tongass National Forest remeasured the plant response to canopy gap restoration treatments at the old Todd Cannery site in Peril Strait. These gaps were created in young growth forest stands in 1990 and have been consistently monitored over the past 23 years – the only canopy gaps on the northern Tongass that have been continuously monitored.

Click here to download the paper, PNW-RP-609




Click here to download the Alaback-TNC-USFS  POW Gap Study



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