Resources and Links

Student and teacher resources:

Alaska Wild Salmon Teacher’s Guide (4 Mb)

note: a 212Mb CD with powerpoint presentations and other materials accompanies this guide. Contact for more information

Teacher’s Guide one-page description


USFS documents:

USFS Starrigavan Creek Watershed Restoration Plan (10.5 Mb)

cover_kruzof_island_landscape_assessmentUSFS Kruzof Island Landscape Assessment




USFS Kruzof Island Inventory and Watershed Action Plan

Other documents:

cover_scs_2014_starrigavan_slide_sm2014 Starrigavan Landslide




Restoration Thinning Briefing Sheet (9Mb)

Chapter 5: Ecological Systems. In Schoen JW and Dovichin E. 2007. A Conservation Assessment and Resource Synthesis for The Coastal Forests and Mountains Ecoregion in the Tongass National Forest and Southeast Alaska.

cover_restoration_priorities_SCUA_appWatershed Restoration Priorities: A Strategic Plan for the Sitka Community Use Area



Nie M. 2006. Governing the Tongass: national forest conflict and decision-making. Environmental Law 36:385-480

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